Monday, November 23, 2009

post baby shower chaos

This was the aftermath of that lovely event. It only took a few weeks to get everything built, washed and in order. However, most was done by the end of that night due to my narotic organizational needs. It was so much fun going through everything though. I just love the tiny little baby clothes!!!

Baby Shower!!!

In September my lovely family threw me a baby shower brunch. It was so beautiful with all of my favorite things (no not just the presents), but my favorite foods from my favorite local shops, a delicious cake from Cakewalk, and some of my favorite people in the world. It was all presented in a rustic lodge in the woods that was so cute and cozy. It was a cold day here in the northeast so they had a fire going in a giant stone fireplace. There were flowers and balloons and did I mention the homemade cookies that my mother and sister slaved over for almost an entire 24 hours...delicious! It was perfect and so me that I couldn't have asked for more. Here are some pics...

The Blog of Eternal Neglect

I am the worst blogger ever!!!! I have not posted since August!!! Any real blogger would be shamed by the neglect!! But now, I am back and I have something to say!

Obviously, or not so obviously, many things have happened in my life since August 29 (my last post), and now I will make my best attempt to remember those moments I would have blogged about but was to lazy/busy/pregnant to do at the time.

and the neglect continues...early september

In the beginning of September I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my cousins wedding here in the Berkshires. Though this has no relevance now, it was beautiful and I want to share a few photos with you. The ceremony was in a pretty field with a rustic gazebo at the center. The reception was in a rustic barn a short walk away through the field. So Berkshires!!!

How cute is that!