Friday, July 31, 2009

Got Scraps? no sewing required

I am always looking for things to do with the mounds of fabric scraps that I keep. And since I recently came to need some drawer sachets, I thought that I would try my hand at making them.

I happened to have a bag of locally grown lavender on hand that I've been waiting for the right project to use, and some ribbon scraps as well. With all the ingredients ready, it only takes 5 easy steps to create a fun little sachet.

  1. lay out small rectangles and squares of fabric scraps

  2. pour little heaps of lavender in the center of each scrap

  3. bunch the fabric up around the lavender

  4. tie a ribbon in a knot around the center of the fabric (right above the lavender), then tie another knot to prevent spills

  5. and finally, tie a pretty bow and you are done!

I was surprised at how quick this project is and it uses up some of the beautiful little scraps you saved from your projects of past.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I did it myself.

Since I've had to put my cushion project on hold temporarily (I forgot to pick up cotton filler, ooops!), I decided to give my next project a go. My wonderful sister has lent me her antique (yet uniquely restored) dresser to use for our baby's room and I thought that the drawers could use a little pick me up. However, finding a cute drawer liner that matched the purple, yes purple, dresser was a bit of a problem, so, my solution was to go to my favorite little art supply shop that is just a few towns away and pick up some of the fun, quality paper that they carry (in longer strips so it covers the length of the drawer).

I found a repositionable spray adhesive and, after some measuring and cutting, I now have some very cute, dresser matching drawer liners.

If you prefer scented drawer liners just fill a spray bottle with warm water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I used lavender! Don't soak the paper, just a little bit of spray will go a long way.

It's a...


Today darling hubby and I found out that we are having a little girl. We couldn't be more excited! I see little dresses and tea parties in my future and I just can't wait. Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pictures of her to share but that's okay, the news is good enough. Now, we will celebrate!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh what a saturday...

This morning, while enjoying my breakfast on my sunny back porch (where I spend most of my weekends), I decided that it is finally time to make cushions for the two lovely chairs that I purchased over a year ago and have neglected to give proper coverage to since.

After lugging half my fabric collection down to see which piece matched best, I chose this lovely fabric, which I adore because it is made of 55% hemp and 45% recycled plastic bottles, which is was an awesome etsy find of mine (pat on the back). The combination makes such a soft, beautiful material.

All of that consideration made me hungry though, so I embarked on my regular weekend trip down to a local cafe called Cakewalk where you can find the best chocolate chip cookies in the world as well as many other delicious treats including the mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich I enjoyed for lunch and this delicious, buttery cupcake for dessert.

Now, I must make the cushions for my poor bare chairs and join my husband for a trip down to Great Barrington for some shopping and burritos (my #1 pregnancy craving!)

I love long, slow and relaxing weekends (even though I can't wait until monday:0)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

for the love of pumpkins

Now that I have pumpkins on the brain, I thought I would share this picture from the Martha Stewart Living Oct. 2008 issue. I keep this picure on my inspiration board with the hopes that someday I have a big enough pumpkin patch to recreate such a photo. What I would actually do with that many pumpkins, I do not know.

This is my little pumpkin patch, home to several different kinds of pumpkins, including the cute little jack-be-littles, a small assortment of gourds and a few different kinds of squash. What a nice little bed they have.

My first little pumpkin of the year. Cute!

My patch is just starting to grow out, so check back in a couple of weeks for an update that will surely show a huge difference. I just can't wait to see what my garden holds in October.

getting to know ME

Deciding what to write for my very first post has been troubling me for days. I have so many things that I want to share with everyone that it is hard to pick the first to focus on. But then I think maybe I should do a little intro to myself so you know what to expect from me. So that is what I will start with. I will keep it brief, I promise.

First, and most importantly, I am expecting a little baby to become part of my life in just a little bit of time. I am 18 weeks along and in just a couple of days my darling husband and I will be finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to share that I love to create, right now my favorite projects are sewing. I am just coming out of a first trimester fog and can't wait to start creating new items and sharing them and the process with you. Before the first trimester fog came in I was working on making tote bags and hand bags which you can view on my etsy page at I will be continueing to make bags, but I would like to take that to the next level and go outside of my box. I can't wait to start making quilts again, probably little ones for children, I also want to make aprons, maybe little dresses and many other fun things.

I'm sure you will often here about my beloved garden. Though I let my husband take most of the responsibilities of our vegetable garden over this season, I still have my flower beds and my true pumpkin patch. Yes, I am oddly obsessed with pumpkins. You will hear of this particular obsession often!

Now I've gone and broken my brief bio promise, so I must stop here. I can't wait to share more about myself, my life and my loves as time goes on.