Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh what a saturday...

This morning, while enjoying my breakfast on my sunny back porch (where I spend most of my weekends), I decided that it is finally time to make cushions for the two lovely chairs that I purchased over a year ago and have neglected to give proper coverage to since.

After lugging half my fabric collection down to see which piece matched best, I chose this lovely fabric, which I adore because it is made of 55% hemp and 45% recycled plastic bottles, which is was an awesome etsy find of mine (pat on the back). The combination makes such a soft, beautiful material.

All of that consideration made me hungry though, so I embarked on my regular weekend trip down to a local cafe called Cakewalk where you can find the best chocolate chip cookies in the world as well as many other delicious treats including the mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich I enjoyed for lunch and this delicious, buttery cupcake for dessert.

Now, I must make the cushions for my poor bare chairs and join my husband for a trip down to Great Barrington for some shopping and burritos (my #1 pregnancy craving!)

I love long, slow and relaxing weekends (even though I can't wait until monday:0)

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