Thursday, July 23, 2009

getting to know ME

Deciding what to write for my very first post has been troubling me for days. I have so many things that I want to share with everyone that it is hard to pick the first to focus on. But then I think maybe I should do a little intro to myself so you know what to expect from me. So that is what I will start with. I will keep it brief, I promise.

First, and most importantly, I am expecting a little baby to become part of my life in just a little bit of time. I am 18 weeks along and in just a couple of days my darling husband and I will be finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to share that I love to create, right now my favorite projects are sewing. I am just coming out of a first trimester fog and can't wait to start creating new items and sharing them and the process with you. Before the first trimester fog came in I was working on making tote bags and hand bags which you can view on my etsy page at I will be continueing to make bags, but I would like to take that to the next level and go outside of my box. I can't wait to start making quilts again, probably little ones for children, I also want to make aprons, maybe little dresses and many other fun things.

I'm sure you will often here about my beloved garden. Though I let my husband take most of the responsibilities of our vegetable garden over this season, I still have my flower beds and my true pumpkin patch. Yes, I am oddly obsessed with pumpkins. You will hear of this particular obsession often!

Now I've gone and broken my brief bio promise, so I must stop here. I can't wait to share more about myself, my life and my loves as time goes on.

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Kelly said...

You should put up a cute belly picture.