Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rory's Birthday Was A Hoot!

Yes, yes, Rory's birthday was way back in December, I just never got around to posting the pictures from it. As you may have guessed, it was a handmade celebration. I didn't get the chance to take pictures of everything so this is just a taste of things.

The Preparations

mini hairpins for the little girls

 i made big ones for us big girls too :0)

favor bags for the kiddies

stuffed owls for the boys, made some for the girls too but didn't get to take pictures

felt crowns for all of our little guests

owl crayons, these came out terrible but i spent so much time making them that i still included them in the favor bags.

I made a trillion (okay a bit of an exaggeration) paper pom poms and put them everywhere!
pom poms and yards and yards of bunting.
owl love :0)
we were really trying to keep rory's bday separate from xmass since they are so close so instead of xmass decorations, we went with a simple strand of felt that i threw together about 5 minutes before the party started.
The Party
Rory's crown stayed on for maybe a whole 3 seconds

we had lots of yummy treats

cake for everyone, made by my amazing friend ashley

cake for rory (she got her own so that the rest of us didn't have to eat drool)

simply exhausted and surrounded by a million new toys
just us girls hanging out on rory's birthday a few days after the party. daddy was out of town :0(

Oh, I'm so glad to finally get this posted! It has been on my mind for two months now. Rory's party was so much fun, and I had a blast making all of the decorations and treats for it. I had planned a mushy post going on about how I just can't believe that she is one and where did the time go. I still feel mushy and I truly can't believe that she is one (well 14 months now) but I will spare you my sappy feelings on this subject. Any mother out there already knows what it feels like...sad and beautiful and amazing and crazy and so many other things.

Next up, a homemade valentine's day and some sharing of a valentine's day card swap I took part in. This will be posted promptly...well, before easter anyway. hehe just kiddin!


Sarah Brown said...

Wow, beautiful! I love the cake and cupcakes. You must have worked long and hard on all of this!

Marta said...

What a beautiful party! My little son would love those cakes... and me too ;)
Best regards from Barcelona,

Nnenna said...

This party is looks so amazingly adorable!! And all the little owlies are sooo cute! :)

Found your blog through your etsy site- I was just browsing through my purchases and saw all the new pretty things you have in you shop! Really very lovely =)