Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lots of Love

Little miss Rory is certainly loved. Today we received another package in the mail, this time from auntie Lola (my sister). This gift package had a Janie and Jack sweater for Rory and three little Vera Bradley compact mirrors for me, my mom and my aunt (I chose the little green one), and Baby Laughs which is supposed to be a funny book about motherhood. My sister works for Vera Bradley and has provided the family with quite the collection of their goods. Of course, no one is complaining about that!

I feel so spoiled receiving two packages in the last two days. Keep them coming!!!


Kelly said...

Wow that sweater is cute... Rory has some growing to do!!

Kelly said...

Maybe you should put your address somewhere in case your bloggers want to send you things.. like in "Julie & Julia." That would be fun!

Lazy Apples said...

Well that would be fun! If anyone would like my address you are welcome to email me!