Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yet Another Handmade Holiday


I just love this holiday because it is all about love and showing our loved ones how much we really care about them. And this was a particularly special vday since it was my daughters first and the first we celebrated together as a family.

I decided to give a handmade holiday another try. Though my handmade Christmas was a bit of a wash due to the early birth of my daughter, I actually managed to complete almost all of the gifts I wanted to make for my lovies for Valentine's Day. I do have to admit most of my ideas are not original to me. My creative instinct has been temporarily lost due to lack of sleep and time. So I must give credit where credit is due.

For Rory I made a love owl. She has several stuffed owls already but I just love owls so I hope she does too, since I can't seem to stop making them.

Rory's owl
I didn't mean to give it evil looking horns!

The inspiration behind Rory's owl.

I found this adorable little creature while looking around on etsy. Made by Buttercupbloom, Violetta is just one among many other tiny wee hoot owls and some other fun animal friends. Now I totally would have ordered this owl cause I love it but the sewer, crafter, creator inside of me just couldn't do it. I often find things like this that I really want but I find myself unable to purchase items that I may be able to make myself. However, I usually don't get around to making half the items I say I am going to. I've decided that I am still going to have to adopt Violetta, I just love that owl. She is so much cuter and sweeter than the one I made. Plus, as I learned from my grandmother who collected owls, you can never have enough of those smart little things around.

A little love fortune for TJ (darling husband)from me and Rory. I did get this idea from another blog but I cannot for the life of me remember which one it was. So if I copied you and you are reading this please don't be mad, email me and I will certainly give you the credit you deserve. I paired that little fortune with a yummy dark chocolate bar from Chocolate Springs (I hope he shares!).

The tree of love for TJ

The inspiration behind the tree of love.

Again, another etsy find. You should definately check out Jellybeans shop. I absolutely love every single print she makes. I plan on getting a few in the next couple of months, maybe I could get one for an easter present, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. I really want her Poppies Print. Anyway, I saw this and really wanted to get it for darling husband but knew I could manage to make something sort of like it. I am not a painter and certainly don't claim to be but I thought I'd give it a whirl and I have to say I am quite proud of how it came out. I think it's cute! I just hope that TJ doesn't think it is to girly a gift to give a manly man.

I made this felt card for Rory so that she would have it forever. This I came up with myself. I think it came out kind of cute...she couldn't have been less interested.

So I got this idea from Rubyellen's blog Cakies, where I get so much of my inspirations from. I'm not only inspired by her crafty ideas but also her family life and relationships. She is an awesome blogger, crafter and mommy! She made this for her husbands birthday, I had every intention of making one for my husbands love day but I didn't get the chance to. I just thought the idea was so cute that I wanted to share it anyway.

So it is now clear to you that I really wasn't kidding about the lack of creative ability right now. Yes, I copied most every thing that I made for Valentine's Day. But I am not ashamed because I copied some very amazing crafters that make things that I just wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!!!

What gifts did you give and recieve for Valentine's Day?


wzgirl said...

Now that's a Hoot! I love that you are into handmade gifts - totally from the heart! xo buttercupbloom

Julia Mark said...

Sewing maching drawings/printing I always find somewhat endearing...

Rubyellen said...

i can't wait to see yours when you are able to do it! thank you so much for sharing... xoxo