Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been sooo very stressed out lately between the craft fair, packing, moving and everything else that has consumed my time, I needed to relax. One thing that has been driving me absolutely crazy is my hair. Have you ever felt like you would just rip it out if you didn't get it cut right then and there? Well I've felt that way for weeks now. I found a salon in Northampton that was such a treat. They massage your scalp and your shoulders and while your hair is being cut someone massages your hands. I totally needed this, as well as the glass of wine they provided me with. Oh but the very best part was chopping off my hair (pictured above, front and back). What do you think?

Another thing that I have been a little stressed about was the vacation I planned several weeks ago, which just so happened to be right in the middle of our move. But it was just what I needed to refresh and now I feel like I can get back to work. Rory, my mother and I all went to visit my aunt out near Boston. We went to Rockport, Glaucester, Newbury Port, Salem and Providence, RI. It was so great to be near the ocean again. I always feel so inspired by the coast, I should really live there...maybe in time.

I'll share the pictures and some more details from our little trip sometime in the coming days. For now, I am back to unpacking. Our bed and kitchen table are being delivered today and not a moment too soon. My cat popped the air mattress, while we were sleeping on it, and TJ and I have been sleeping on our new couch since. Good thing we got a big one!


Almost Precious said...

Stress seems to be a constant in this fast paced world of ours. Your trip to that salon sounds like a perfect way to chill out and de-stress. Some fresh air, and ocean views are another great way to unwind. Now you're re-energized and ready to tackle all those boxes. :D

ModredVintage said...

That sounds like a great hair cut, and it looks nice. Hang in there.

Sarah B. said...

Ooohh... sorry about the air mattress! But I'm glad you had a good vacation :). Your hair looks fabulous, too!