Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sending Fall

As I am sure I have mentioned before, my lil sis lives in Miami. Now she loves fall just as much as I do and is always sad when that time comes around and she is stuck in 90 degree weather instead of up here picking apples, wearing sweaters and sipping hot cocoa. So for her birthday we sent her fall.

Rory and I searched high and low throughout the area to find little bits of fall to send to Laura. We found all sorts of fun and silly and yummy treats to send her. Everything in the package had to fit the fall theme, whether it be a fall item or within the color scheme we managed to pull it all together.

Our package included:

a handmade leaf banner to hang,
leaf window decals,
a small owl ornament (we love owls!),
pumpkin ornament,
hot cocoa,
mulling spices with tea strainer,
large mug to have cocoa and cider in,
every fall scented candle we could find at Yankee Candle,
a lovely candle holder,
a lovely letterpressed notebook,
honey sticks,
local maple syrup,
an acorn charm,
leaf earrings,
a mum ring,
leaf chocolates,
pumpkin chocolates,
a chocolate leaf pop,
and lots of pretty papers, ribbons and wrappings to go along.

I knew she would love it, and I had so so so much fun putting this together!

*please excuse the pictures, I still have to get my camera fixed and these were taken with our really old camera.

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Anonymous said...

love, love, love seeing art and craft supplies all layed out like is so tantalizingly inspirational!

thanks for sharing...I'm off to poke around some more...and you are welcome to come visit me too!

ciao bella