Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mission Macaroon and yet, another homemade celebration

A certain little girls very first birthday is upon us and I've been a very busy mommy preparing for it. It took me a while to settle on a theme for her celebration. And after going back and forth, many times, we chose owls, which only makes sense cause we are slightly obsessed with owls in this family. So after checking out every party store online and several in our area, I realized that purchased party supplies are just a little too generic for our crafty family. Therefore, we have yet another homemade holiday celebration upon us.

I have been a little absent from the blogging world as of late and it is because I am up to my elbows in party preparation and decoration making. Some of it has been fun, some has been a flop but we keep trucking and over the next two weeks I will be sharing some of my homemade decorations and diy ideas for you crafty mommies/non-mommies out there.

My first homemade celebration post is one of many to come on the subject of Macaroons. This is a several part series for many reasons. Macaroons are super tricky to make! They are also a rather popular treat among bloggers and etsians and pretty much the rest of the world cause they are just sooooo yummy and pretty! I'm not very good at baking, it's just not my thing. You should see what I do to brownies, yes the kind in a box, I kill them everytime. So that being said, you may understand why trying to make such a difficult treat is a big deal to me.

I did so much reasearch to find the right recipe. I started at your general go-to spots for recipes like food network, recipes.com, cooks.com, etc. I just wasn't finding a recipe that jumped out at me. So next I moved on to the blogging world and other less mainstream websites. After hours and days of searching, I decided to go with this recipe that I found through this lovely blog and used these helpful tips to perfect it.

For my first try, I accidently added the powdered sugar and almond mix to the eggs instead of the granulated sugar which was a big mistake and forced me to start over. My second try was quickly ended when my room temperature egg whites landed on the floor (thank you darling husband). But the third try was a charm! Those of you who have tried their hands at baking macaroons will understand that I jumped for joy when they came out of the oven with feet. And by the last sheet pan, I wasn't even burning them anymore! We only got a few unburnt cookies out of this batch but I now know exactly how to set the oven and time them (every oven is different you know).

Being the perfectionist that I am, I brought my macaroons to the cafe' I work at and had the pastry chef's give them a try and provide some constructive critisism. With their tips and some expereince under my belt I am headed off to try the next round. This time pink and purple macaroons to match our pink and purple owls! 

I'll be back with some more handmade birthday decorations soon!

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