Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry (belated) Christmas

I just took a look at my last post and cannot believe that it was on Dec. 6!!!!!! I had sooooo much to share with you, holiday DIY, party DIY, decorating tips, gift ideas, pictures from Rory's birthday party and so so much more. Sadly, two days before Rory's party my computer decided to take the holiday off. Yup, my 4 month old computer died....again. It took several attempts by Dell support to fix it but finally, 22 days later, my computer is working again. You may be wondering why I didn't just use TJ's computer, we are a two computer family, well because his died too! Luckily I can check my email on my phone so I wasn't completely shut off from the world ( I would have gone crazy otherwise) but was limited to short emails and only the basics as it is a huge pain in the ass to do much more than that from a little cell phone.

So now that it is all better, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. I will be putting the holiday DIY projects on file to share with you next year. In the next week or two I will try and post a few party projects and pictures from Rory's birthday. For now I want to thank the following people for including my jewelry in their holiday treasuries which can still be viewed if you find something you like.  Tomorrow I will share some of our holiday photos.

Twelve Beautiful Days of Christmas by Shaprink

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