Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone buy these...

cause I can't! As I was shopping for Rory's Christmas outfit I came across these goodies that either do not fit her or are just a little too much at this time. So someone buy them cause they are adorable!!!

Vintage FW Fischer Wool Coat from BluebirdLucys

Vintage Marshall Fields Crocheted Sweater Dress from fuzzymama
I know it's not Christmas but it is sooo cute! Vintage Polly Flinders Yellow Polka Dot Dress by BluebirdLucys
girls polka dot dress from lishyloo
Cable Knit Sweater Dress by Baby Gap

Oh my goodness I looooove this pea coat from Baby Gap. It is on my list of must buys!

This is what we got for her Christmas Day outfit. Yes, I am totally into sweater dresses. This dress is from baby gap with these cute red tights and her Uggs and there you have an adorable Christmas outfit that can also be worn all winter long. 

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geschichtenvonkat said...

such adorable picks..i only wish i had a little munchkin to dress them up in!