Friday, January 7, 2011

A History Lesson

Several years ago I purchased my very  first computer, a Dell. Five years ago I started dating my now husband and he brought two computers to our relationship, both Dells. Four years ago he purchased another computer because his both died, a Dell. My computer died and so he got us another one about two years ago, it was a Dell. In August I bought a new computer, a Dell. In August our desktop died. Not to be fixed. In September my new computer died. Dell fixed it. In November my new computer died, again. Dell fixed it. In December my new computer died, again. Dell fixed it...twice. In December TJ's computer died. Dell fixed it. In December my computer died again. Dell is sending me a new one next week. In January I sat and wondered why the hell we keep buying Dell computers!

I'll be back with all the posts I have promised, and more, when I get me new computer...assuming that it works.


Plantress said...

yes I can sympathize. The dells didn't really do it for me and now I have an acer laptop that satifies my puny computer needs. Dells always started out great and then seemed to just poop out pretty quickly. Tiger direct always has good computer deals btw

Erin Neiner said...

In November of 2010, we bought a Mac.
The End.

;) hint, hint.