Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it snow!

Sometimes I just love living in New England. This love usually fades away from February to May each year but it always returns. Today we saw our first real snow. It flurried the other day but did not stick so it doesn't count. Today the snow stuck! So what better thing to do than go get a Christmas tree. But we had to make a few stops along the way.

A short visit with the inlaws where TJ and I realized that though we have pictures of my pregnancy we haven't had a picture of the two of us together in 9 months. So...

Next stop was Bisque, Beads and Beyond where we let our creative selves go wild and made the baby a big piggy bank for a Christmas present. This was a lot of fun and so special. I was going to just order one online but TJ convinced me that it would be much more meaningful if we made it ourselves. He was so right and I'm glad I listened to him.

Piggy still needs to be fired so our scetches and mistakes are still there but she will look much better when we pick her up next week. And finally, our Christmas tree!

I know I look like a goofball, just ignore that please.

Now back to making Christmas presents!

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Kelly said...

Cute pic... I can't believe how big your belly is!! Maybe you should keep the stripes in the closet until after Rory is here!! :) j/k I like your tree, and the piggy bank looks really cute. One purple ear? Questionable, but I'm sure I'll love it once it's fired.