Saturday, July 31, 2010

craft fair here I come!

image source unknown, please contact me if you have the info

Hi dolls, I would like to invite those of you who live in the Berkshires or surrounding area to come visit my booth at the craft fair being held in the very center of Lee today. It is in the park that is in front of the ever so noticeable and infamous (to us locals) church with the steeple. This is my very first craft fair and I am soooo very nervous. I've been up till 3a.m. every night this week doing my craft thing and I can't wait to sleep late on Sunday. It would make me so happy to see you so don't be shy and come say hi (I totally didn't mean to rhyme there so please don't think I'm a corndog). Anyway, come show your love to the handmade movement and if that is too cliche' (is that how you spell it?) for you then certainly show some support for your local artisans and crafters.

Hope to see you today!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Erin Neiner said...

It was SO GREAT to see you today at the fair! Your booth was awesome and I apologize for drooling! :) Everything was just fantastic I had a hard time narrowing down to what I was going to decide on! I want one in every color! ;) I am so glad TJ and Rory made an appearance while we were there! good to see everyone! Happy packing....but after a good day of rest!!!! :) KIT!!!!