Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Five thousand things all happening at the same time

Okay, I haven't posted since last week so I have a bunch of catching you up to do. I'm going to do it over the course of the next few days because it's a lot. Here is just a taste of what I will be sharing.

First, I did not forget to announce the winner of the giveaway, okay, I did, but I also decided to extend the giveaway for another week so it's not that bad. So go and enter to win dammit!

Rory turned 7 months old this past Friday but I couldn't take a picture cause we broke our camera the day before. I'm gonna share a very recent picture of her instead.

TJ and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this past Saturday. We didn't do anything very special. I quick dinner and a lovely chat. Simple but just right. So with wedding on the brain I went and looked at our wedding pictures and I will be sharing a few of my favorites with you.

We are moving! Yes, finally, we are actually going to move out to the area where my husband works and goes to school so that he no longer has to commute and hour and a half each way. We are very excited though apartment hunting isn't going very well. I've called and emailed on like 20 - 30 properties and have only gotten one call back and two emails (one was spam). I'll keep you updated on the hunt and the move and life in a new place.

I've decided to do a very last minute craft fair. It is in Lee for you locals that are looking for something to do on July 31. I'm so super excited cause it is my very first craft fair but I am so super busy getting ready for it and doing the ten thousand other things I have to do in my life. I can't wait and I would sooooo love to see you there! Please come by and say hi if you are in the area. I'll remind you when we get a little closer to the day but for those of you that have seen my shop and are familiar with what I offer please note that I have a ton of new things to introduce at the fair that you haven't seen in my shop yet.

Okay, almost done.

If I have time remind me to tell you the story of how I sprained my foot and severely bruised all of the tendons on the top of it. Ouch! I can hardly walk, well I'm not supposed to walk at all but that is a bit of a difficult mission when you have a baby. Oh, and I was holding Rory when it happened, I almost had a frigging heart attack!!!!

Okay so since you have actually read all of my silly ranting you deserve a little treat. I recently stumbled across this wonderful photographer ShannonBlue recently and was so inspired by her work that I just had to share it with you. Please enjoy!


Julie said...

Great post! Too bad about your ankle that's awful. :( Lovely pictures!

Erin Neiner said...

Aw. Sad you're moving far away! But I know your pocketbook will be thanking you! :) I am totally excited about the Lee craft fair and am marking my calendar! I am totally hoping to see you there! And UGH about your ankle!!!! NO FUN! I hurt my knee-so weird-and it just won't heal, bc, like you said, it's hard to let it rest with a baby! So glad Rory was ok, though. Welcome to the scary side of motherhood!!!!