Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a little overwhelmed

Oh boy, have I been feeling stretched thin as of late. The last couple of weeks have been so crazy and the craziness just seems to keep on coming! This week brings my aunt for a visit, my mom is in surgery as I type, I found out yesterday that I have to have a super large kidney stone surgically removed sometime in the next week cause it has left my kidney and got itself stuck (ouch!!!!!), we have to go visit my cousins and their babes, darling husband is super busy with work, last night we celebrated my brothers bday, and so much more than I can even bare to type right now.

So please excuse a brief absence as I try and pull my life together. I will do my best to post a few inspirational and cool finds over the next week or two and you will definitely see some really cool giveaways coming your way but I may not be here everyday. I'm so sorry!!!!

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Erin Neiner said...

rut-roh!!! I am in serious empathy for you over a busy life....but that kidney stone!!!!! YIKES????!!!!! Please take care.....and get better!!!! Praying all goes well...and comes out clean! :)