Monday, June 7, 2010

One Crazy Day

Gosh, don't you just love her!

Rory and I were just all over the place today! That was the crazy part. TJ's car broke down so we had to give him a ride to work this morning cause I needed the car and couldn't let him just take it. Thank god he was working in the area cause he usually works over an hour away but today it was only a 20 minute drive. We dropped him off and ran to the bead store and the grocery store and the Panera Bread  and back to TJ's office to drop off his lunch and then had to stop by the chocolate store on the way home (that was very important!). Got home and fed my little babe, tried to put her down to nap (didn't work), finished a couple of necklace orders, got her up since she wasn't going to sleep anyway, delivered the necklaces to their new owners, came home and finally got Rory to take her nap, got her up, changed her diaper and ran right back out again to pick up TJ and dinner (totally was not cooking tonight!), and finally, yes, finally got home, ate dinner and handed Rory off to her daddy while I went and took a much needed nap myself. When I got up she had already eaten her dinner and was ready for bed and I had her to sleep within 5 minutes. Now, I am going to just put up my feet, not wash the dishes piled in the sink and relax cause tomorrow, I will do it all again.....

Do you ever have days like this???

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Sarah B. said...

I have busy days, but without the children... Your day sounded exhausting but rewarding :). And your baby girl just looks darling!!