Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't Feel Bad

A little taste of spring

Sometimes I feel really guilty when I spend a couple of hours a day on the computer (only when my baby is napping of course). I  am either working on my shop or my blog and therefore being productive, but the guilt remains. There is always laundry to be done and a load of other housekeeping things waiting for my attention. So I was thrilled and releaved when I read this on the marta writes blog. It really helped me to kick the guilt to the curb!

my own awesome mom typed up the following guest post about what some may call wasting time online. she is a writer and spends a lot of time at her desk reading, learning, researching and typing at her computer. she uses her blog as a tool for fleshing out memories, jotting down stories she wants to pass on and getting in daily writing practice. marty says...
 I disagree with the idea that being online is a waste of time. I'd call it a use of time. I get defensive when somebody else decides that what I enjoy doing is a waste of time. According to whom?

When I'm online I read book reviews, recipes, current events, and health tips. I am inspired, and my mind is expanded. I've learned computer skills, writing techniques, toured photo galleries, participated in therapy sessions, become familiar with different lifestyles and ideas that broaden my understanding. I don't see the difference between learning from bloggers, books, photography classes, college courses, or child psychologists. I don't think relaxing on a golf course, quilting or biking is a waste of time, but I don't think those activities are superior to unwinding in front of the computer. They're just different. To me, wasting time means doing something I intensely dislike doing when I could be doing something necessary and/or enjoyable.

I hope this helps all of you guilty internet perusers out there. I know I feel better!


marta said...

thanks for the link and the kind words! my mom wrote those words and has always been my source of wisdom. check out her blog at

xo. marta

Travelin'Oma said...

I love being quoted! Thanks!

Almost Precious said...

This is marvelous insight and proves that humanity is very diverse and, thankfully, not all alike.
What is trash to one becomes a treasure to another, what one receives great pleasure in doing, another feels is drudgery. It all depends upon whose eyes, whose perspective something is viewed from. said...

nice, i always feel like i should be doing something else more "productive" in my spare time, its nice to know i am not the only "guilty" one that finds comfort in internet browsing! (and that it IS okay!)