Saturday, March 6, 2010

Keys of the Skeletons...A Little Story

When I was little, my grandparents house was my playground. One thing that stands out in my memory is their collection of skeleton keys that hung on the key hooks near the telephone. They had several keychains all filled with skeleton keys. Some keys were to the old doors around the house, some were to old pieces of furniture that had locks, most didn't belong to anything in that old house at all. I used to take those keys and pretend they would open secret rooms and gardens or help me to find a magical place. I can't tell you how many times I tried to climb through the back of a closet thinking this will be the time that it actually works with my magical keys in hand. I also remember looking for tiny little doors that lead to who knows where but be sure that I had my keys in hand to get through that door whether I was big or small.

Several years ago my grandparents both passed and my husband and I moved into their house. My family spent many days going through their things and cleaning the place up a bit. I don't remember seeing those old keys anywhere. Many of my grandparents belongings have remained in the house, some cleaned out others not touched. About a year ago, I came across two skeleton keys. I was so excited, I created a special little place to keep them in my craft area.

A couple of months ago my husband came across two more keys. Those went to the special place too.

 And just a few days ago, while I was rummaging through my grandmothers old writing desk, I came across a whole bunch of them.

Now, there are still many many more to be found, but I am enjoying the search. These little keys are more magical than ever, secretly hiding out in their magical places just waiting to be found. It's like they have been brought back to life and boy do they have my imagination going full steam. I can't wait to go discover more magical places with Rory. I hope she loves the keys of the skeletons as much as I do! And that's my little story.

While rummaging through that old desk, I found these cool vintage items as well!


QueenGinya said...

love those old keys, make awsome necklaces!!!

Ladybird said...

What a great discovery! It's got to be a cool feeling to be treasure hunting in your own house. Best of luck in uncovering more keys; I love the skeleton keys as well, but don't have any in my personal collection yet.