Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter was...

chaotic, but great! As I previously mentioned, my sister and her fiancée came for the holiday. They live in Miami and can only come visit a few times a year. They hadn't seen Rory since she was about three weeks old so we were so excited for them to be able to come up. 

Unfortunately, they could only stay for the weekend so things were a little crazy. We had a lot to do and many people to see so I apologize but with so much going on I didn't get the chance to take many pictures. Bad blogger, I know!

So here are just a few.

 A visit with Auntie Ann on Friday

Pretty Easter dress

Easter brunch with fam - that is my sister who is going to kill me for posting this picture hehe :0)

Rory's brunch - that's right, paid $18 for my brunch and was only able to eat two little waffles.

Who could this Easter basket belong to??? Awesome blocks knitted by auntie Ann

Enjoying our gifts - ignore the insane mess behind me please.

That's all I got but it's okay cause the memories are better than pictures anyway.

Now that I am feeling better I am working hard (during nap times) to fill my new shop. I am hoping to get a good selection in this week so that I can share it with you. Don't forget that I will be doing a special promotion just for you, my very awesome followers!

Happy Wednesday!!! 

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