Monday, April 12, 2010

Rory Can Roll...

But she won't let just anyone see her do it and she will not let me get it on camera. She prefers to roll when no one is watching. I've seen her do it several times but she usually doesn't realize I'm paying any attention. She also just refuses to do it if I am recording her. I have even set up the camera in a spot she couldn't see well and I've gone on the other side of her to keep her from looking in the direction of the camera but she still ends up staring at it like a deer in headlights. She has been rolling for almost two weeks now and TJ only saw her do it for the first time yesterday! She'll be a pro before I get her doing it on tape. She'll roll over and then get up and walk away at this rate. What a funny little child I have!

Dear Rory,
Mommy really wants to get some of your first rolls on video to have as a keepsake. Please let mommy record you doing it. I'll get you a toy (not really though, I'm not one of those moms yet).
I love you!

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Hali said...

aww how sweet is that? hahah she does look like a deer in headlights. She has this surprise look on her face. That photo is a keeper.