Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Odd

Have you ever taken a moment to see all of the very odd things that surround you? This morning I did just that and this is what I found -

  • each morning and each night my cat tells me when it's time to feed her fish, that's right, her fish
  • my other cat clears every counter, table and surface in the house. she pushes everything right off the edge, many a glass have broken this way
  • i have a nudist neighbor that doesn't have any curtains
  • i have another neighbor that decorates his roof with giant stuffed animals and furniture (he also feeds raccoons which now congregate in large groups around his house)
  • another neighbor of mine admittedly watches everything we do and looks in our windows, she also likes to share stories about how much she loved and was attracted to my grandfather (i'm talking about sexual attraction here....cringe)
  • Rory's favorite song is Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap, whenever she is freaking out we put that song on and she stops immediately (at least she has good taste in music)
  • i have a squirrel that climbs up and looks in our windows, it has even knocked at us before
  • my oven light turns on and off all by itself all of the time
Okay that's enough weirdness for today!

And now a tribute to Rory

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Take a moment and look at the oddities that surround you, it'll add a little funny to your day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I too have a peeping tom in my neighborhood. Have a woodpecker I've named Marvin that shows up everyday to peck on my roof top! Guess he thinks he's repairing my roof!