Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am No Martha!

TJ and I wanted to do something fun for Easter this year and since we are all about making our own gifts and decorations for holidays we decided to try our hand at something new for Easter. So we decided to make papier mache' eggs. We send a shout out to Martha Stewart for the idea!

Since my sister and her fiance will be joining us for the holiday this year, we made some extra big eggs to fill with goodies (Note to Laura and Brad: I know I ruined the suprise but you can't expect a blogger/crafter not to share their projects). Rory already has an Easter basket so we made her a few small ones to stick inside since she won't be getting any candy this year. hehe.

So I am no Martha! My eggs don't really even look like eggs, but rather like footballs and paper mush balls. Though the pink one I made Rory was a success.
But TJ is! Check out his master piece!

I can't wait to show you how everything comes together for the holiday!

What projects are you doing for Easter?

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