Monday, May 17, 2010

As Promised!

Here are the pictures from our trip to Brimfield! I used my instax camera because I think the images are just the coolest!

Okay, so I have some news. I have been working from home for our local tennis association for a little extra money for a few months now. We have hit the busy season and I am just a little overwhelmed with all that is on my plate and only getting so much work done in a day around Rory's naps. Soooo, I have lined up a giveaway every week for the next month or two so that I can get through the tennis rush. I don't want you to feel neglected by my absence so I thought this might help you to still feel loved. Now I am still going to post as much as I can, this is just a way for me to organize and plan ahead for a little while. My weekly posts will still be up as scheduled, you will find something just about everyday so I ask you to bear with me and enjoy the free stuff!

Be sure to check back on Thursday for our first featured giveaway!!!!!

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QueenGinya said...

I want so much most of the things you posted...even the springy thigns, whatever they were