Monday, May 31, 2010

OMG Snakes!

Let me just start by saying that I HATE snakes! I'm convinced that my yard is infested, I saw four a couple of days ago, all in different spots of my yard but all within minutes of each other. Ive been freaking out cause I don't want to run into any.  I even went as far as calling a wildlife exterminator to come take them away (I don't want to kill or even hurt them, just don't want them in my yard). But TJ put a quick stop to that. I was told I must live with the snakes, if I get bit by one, it wouldn't hurt that bad.

So today I was living with the snakes. I finally went into my back yard again and was working on my garden when TJ decided to turn the brush pile next to me. This scared the crap out of a snake that came flipping (yes, flipping and flopping not slithering) out of the pile. Where did the snake land you ask, well I'll tell you, right in my hands that were putting a little plant into the ground. So what did the snake do? It freaked out and started flipping around some more, making it difficult for me to get away from it (cause it was on me!!!!!). I totally bugged out and tumbled away screaming (some pretty nasty words too) and TJ stood there laughing.

No sympathy, not even an apology from TJ. I was shaking and jumpy for the rest of the day and he stuck with his earlier opinion that I am just ridiculous. I guess it doesn't help that we met on a camping trip in the Amazon Rain forest. He knows I can tolerate snakes, he has seen me do it. And he could care less that even though I can tolerate them it doesn't mean I want to.


On my way to Paradise City Art Show!

Happy Memorial Day!


ModredVintage said...

I hope your art show goes better than the rest of your day.

Erin Neiner said...

you. me. & Indiana Jones.
would. kill. my. husband.

and for the record, tell TJ that John was quite chivalrous for his wife when snakeS were found in the garage and took a shovel to them....while sending me inside. :)

I am still shivering from your story. ugh.