Saturday, May 22, 2010

I would feel this way too!

Okay, okay, okay you might be feeling pretty neglected right now, I would if I were one of my readers. I'd totally be like what! No Favorite Finds post this week...but there is always a Favorite Finds post on Friday. What is going on? Where did she go? And you would be right in feeling this way and I am sorry. But hear me out.

Normally I would have this post  prepared days in advance, but this week I have been so busy that I just kept pushing it off and figured I'd get up on Friday and throw it together (kindly, with care and purpose of course). But I got up Friday and this is what I found...

the cutest baby ever! And since mommy was super busy all week she asked that instead of me sitting on the computer, we spend some good 'ole quality time together. And that is just what we did! We spent the morning snuggling and playing, with a few naps thrown in between for good measure, and then we took our beautiful selves out into the beautiful day for a while. We hit up the Lenox farmers market and our local cheese shop (one of my favorite places, cause it carries one of my most favorite things...cheese) and we visited the coffee house next door which provided mommy with the much needed iced latte to cool me off since I had my own personal furnace strapped to the front of me on this lovely 89 degree day. And we walked around our lovely little historic town, just us girls. Once we returned home we decided to do some more snuggling, read some stories and played together. And since someone, I won't name names, did their best to avoid their nap time all afternoon, the evening took a bit of a turn. I won't share details to protect the innocent and oh so cranky but it turned nightmarish.

So, I figured that since this was a cute little baby story with a picture of a cute little baby, you just couldn't get mad at my neglecting you, right? Next week I will post a super great Favorite Finds and I sincerely apologize to all of you. But this momma needed a day to just chill!

Now I am off to get back in the swing of things, list some new jewelry in my shop, work on my personalized jewelry shop (surprise!) and write an email to an old friend that I should have written several days ago (if your reading this I am so sorry!).

I hope you have a great weekend! I will be spending it getting my garden ready for planting and continuing to do some serious baby snuggling!

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Erin Neiner said...

Oh, it sounds like a perfect, perfect day to me...and you were right...posting that picture would melt anybody's heart. :) {and, I have a few requests:::baby room pics & favorite cheese from your favorite shop and how you pair it (we are totally into cheeses). :)